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Meet The Epicurean Team

February 27 2019 – Simon Yarwood

by Charlotte Knowlson

We know that going into a craft beer shop and interacting with the resident beer expert behind the counter can sometimes feel pretty intimidating. Don’t worry - we’ve felt like that at times, too. But you definitely shouldn’t feel like that at The Epicurean. We don’t judge, we don’t bite, and we certainly won’t mind if you want to ask us what on Earth a gueuze is. (Just don’t ask me to pronounce it.)  We don’t take ourselves or what we do too seriously - we just want to enjoy good beer and help our customers do the same. Each one of our staff members is invariably up for a chinwag, and is always eager to help you find the brew you’re after. So allow me to introduce you to the team…

 Image of 'top trumps' style cards with staff details on. Staff names are: Simon Yarwood, the boss; Simon Willers; Richard 'Boz' Berry; Aaron Bazler; Charlotte Knowlson; Ryan Curtis and Chris McMullen.



Don’t be shy - pop in, say hello, and feel free to ask for a recommendation!