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Ones to Watch: 2019

March 15 2019 – Simon Yarwood

by Charlotte Knowlson

Well, it’s Friday afternoon, so inevitably your mind has drifted away from whatever you’re supposed to be doing, and has landed on thoughts of a cheeky beer (or several) over the weekend. We’re thinking about that, too. But our flights of fancy extend far beyond the weekend. We can’t help it -  we like to sit and fantasise about all the beers we will drink throughout the whole year. You have to plan ahead when it comes to great beer - and you have to be prepared to snap up an exciting new release from a top brewery. So we thought we’d share a handful of the breweries we are excited about — our ‘ones to watch’ for 2019…

The logos of the 5 breweries features in the blog post: Yonder, Wander Beyond, Track, Loka Polly and Mills Brewing.
  1. Yonder - Yonder’s brewing style is focussed on three things: flavour, foraging and fermentation. They combine modern and traditional methods with the naturally-occuring bacteria and verdure of the Mendips to create exciting beers with a wild and experimental feel. 

  1. Wander Beyond - Wander Beyond made quite a splash during their first year on the Manchester beer scene, experimenting with barrel ageing and some exciting flavour combinations to create some of the most memorable beers we drank in 2018. They even won ‘Breakthrough Brewery of the Year’ in Honest Brew’s 2018 awards - a well-deserved accolade.

  1. Track - In our humble opinion, Track is one of the absolute top Manchester breweries. They’ve given us some cracking sours and pales in the past, as well as loads of impressive collaborations with other breweries we love, such as Stu Mostow, Garage, Verdant and To Øl to name but a few. We’re really looking forward to sampling some of their cans once they’re released, and we'll continue to have them as regular guests on our growler fill station.

  1. Loka Polly - Loka Polly are consistently churning out IPAs we love to drink. They turned 1 year old in January, and have already made a huge name for themselves in their debut year; they’ve moved out of Polly the horse’s stable into bigger premises on the same site in order to meet demand, converting Polly’s old digs into a barrel-aging store. We can’t wait to try their first stab at a barrel-aged impy stout!

  1. Mills Brewing - Mills’ mission statement is to use ‘minimum modern intervention’ on their 100% naturally-fermented brews. They blend their creations to create some brilliantly-balanced wild, sour and farmhouse-style beers. Gen and Johnny, the couple behind Mills Brewing, are completely dedicated to their craft, and you can taste the love and dedication in their beers, as well as a healthy dose of inspiration from Belgian-style brews and the local Gloucestershire countryside.

Let us know on social media which breweries you’re keeping an eye out for this year, and what you’d like to see more of on our shelves, in our fridges and on the growler station!