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American Beers

With over 2000 breweries cropping up across the United States, American craft beer has well and truly made its mark on the beer and ale world. Our American beer brands have been handpicked for stock from the finest independent and traditional producers, all of whom are creating some of the tastiest, most refreshing craft beers around today.

 After spending many decades in the cold, America has barged its way to the frontline of the craft beer revolution, bringing large flavours and individuality to the table in an effort to win back its reputation. The American craft beer on offer today is a million miles from the bath-tub brewed moonshine of prohibition-era New York, and instead can hold its own against the best of British and Belgian beers. American craft beer has learnt from the best, with their own take on Indian Pale Ale – a more bombastic, bitter affair, with a stronger abv behind each brewing. Other styles to look out for are steam beer and wheat beer – both of which form the cornerstone of Stateside craft brewing.

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Allagash, Barrel & Bean, Belgian Style Tripel, 10%, 355ml

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