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German Beers

Germany is well renowned for its celebration of beer, and the variety of German beer on offer – and it’s a reputation that is truly well deserved. At The Epicurean, we stock only the best German beer (it’s difficult to narrow the list down) and take pride in allowing British beer connoisseurs to sample and buy German beer online from home, although we insist that everybody experiences an authentic Oktoberfest celebration at least once in their lives!

Despite a reputation for indulging in large quantities of beer at Oktoberfest celebrations, Germany has actually become a master in brewing light, refreshing, low abv beers. Brewing regions across Germany have based their ethos around the previously repealed Purity Law, which allowed only water, hops, barley and later yeast to be allowed in beer brewing. Tradition is strong in German beer, and every sip is a reminder of the great German brewing legacy. German beer styles to look out for include Bock (a darker, maltier brew than the average beer), the straw-coloured Kolsch, and of course Pilsener – the most commonly consumed beer in the world.

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