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Beer culture has had a phenomenal impact around the globe since gaining huge popularity in the 20th century. Its become so popular that there is a beer for almost everyone, whether that be non-alcoholic, low-alcohol, fruity, sour, lager; the list goes on.

So today, we will be exploring beer culture; diving into what has made it become a revelation around the world. 

For many years, beer culture has been at the heart of most cultures across the globe. There is a rich history behind it, and there are many advantages to be had for countries selling beer to locals or tourists, but there are two which stand out from the rest. It helps boost their economy which can have a positive impact on local communities, and it’s a great way for people to socialise. Beer has been at the forefront of social gatherings for centuries. This is because it is deemed a good way to wind down after a long day or week of work; we must admit - we love a cold, refreshing beer after work!

Beer is treated like it’s sacred in some countries, particularly in Germany as a whole raft of beer is produced there. They host one of the biggest beer festivals every year, ‘Oktoberfest’, which has been running for years and gathers beer enthusiasts from all over the world. Some would say this is the origin of beer culture! 

But what makes beer so popular? Is there a reason why German lagers or Belgian fruit beer is so popular? Lets explore this…

Beer styles and regional variations

One of the many beauties of multiple countries producing their own beer is that we’re spoilt for choice of flavours. Each country has its own way of brewing beer which makes it so unique and adds to its value significantly. For example, in Belgium, they’re well known for producing a wide range of beer styles. From the fruity and spicy notes of a Belgian Dubbel to the golden hues and refreshing taste of a Belgian Tripel, there isn’t much Belgium doesn’t produce for their beer lovers. Want to try it for yourself? Discover our wide range of Belgian beer online.

Furthermore, as mentioned previously, Germany is renowned for producing excellent beers, especially a German lager. German beers often have a clean, malt-forward profile, making them incredibly enjoyable and refreshing. We can’t recommend enough that you try a German beer if you haven’t already - lucky for you, at The Epicurean, you can include German craft beer as part of your beer subscriptions with us.  

Also, another region of the world which offers plenty of beer styles is the United States. American breweries experiment with ingredients and techniques, creating an extensive range of beer styles, from hop-forward IPAs to rich and decadent stouts. This diversity allows beer enthusiasts to explore a multitude of American beers, and sample some of the best flavours around.


Beer and society

Beer and society share a deep and intertwined relationship that spans across cultures and centuries. One of the most notable aspects of beer and society is its ability to foster community and create social connections. Beer has a long-standing association with communal celebrations and festivals, such as Oktoberfest in Germany or St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Beer can help break down barriers and facilitate conversations, laughter, and bonding among individuals.

Moreover, beer-related traditions and customs are deeply ingrained in society, reflecting cultural heritage and identity. In countries like Belgium or Germany, beer is interviewed with historical practices. Beer brewing methods are passed down through generations and specific beer styles are often protected and revered as cultural treasures. Toasting, sharing rounds with friends, or raising a glass in a celebratory toast, further highlight the social significance of beer in everyday life.

Beyond the local level, beer has become a global phenomenon, connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Craft beer movements, beer festivals, and online beer communities have created platforms for enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and appreciate the diversity of beer styles from around the world. Beer has the power to bridge cultural gaps and facilitate cross-cultural exchanges, as individuals come together to explore and appreciate the flavours and traditions associated with different beer cultures.


Beer tourism and experiences

If you’ve made it this far in this article, then you’re in for a treat - next, we will be discussing tourism and exciting activities you can do that involve beer!

Due to the sheer popularity of beer, many places around the world offer amazing experiences to try with your friends and family - all with a glass of beer in your hand! So we recommend you check these places out so you can experience craft beer at its finest. 

A popular beer destination you must visit is the popular beer gardens of Munich. Once you arrive, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a cold German lager whilst soaking in the rich German culture surrounding you. Cities like Munich, Brussels, Dublin and Portland have become a hotspot for beer tourism, as they offer plenty of beer museums and speciality beer bars. We urge you to visit the local pubs and experience regional beer styles, so you can engage with the local community. 

Furthermore, beer tourism also extends to beer pairing experiences, where visitors can discover the art of matching beer with food. Breweries and restaurants often collaborate to create beer-pairing menus, showcasing the harmonious relationship between flavours. These experiences not only enhance the enjoyment of both beer and food but also educate visitors about the intricacies of flavour combinations and how they complement each other.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our latest article exploring beer culture around the globe. If you would like to learn more about any of the topics we’ve discussed - get in touch with us today!

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