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Manage your Beer Club Subscription

(Please note: If you signed up to our Beer Club before the 26/10/21, you will be on our legacy system and will not be able to manage your subscription account via our website - please contact us on for assistance)

If you want to pause, skip a month or cancel your subscription you can do this easily from our subscription portal. You can also update you card payment details if your current card has expired. 

Once logged into you account you can click on the "Account" link at the top right of the page:


This will then take you to your account page where you can click on your 'subscriptions' link under your account details as below:


You can now see your live subscription and subscription status, if you then click on the subscription number you will be directed to your subscription account page as below:


From the below page you can pause, skip a month or cancel your Monthly Beer Box subscription. You can also update your payment details or shipping address details if needed. This page also shows your payment history of each box you purchase each month. If you make any changes you will be automatically notified by email.


If you have any issues or queries please feel free to get in touch by emailing and our team will provide support. Please also email our team if you want to change your subscription package. 

Thanks - Team Epicurean