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Father’s Day is a special day celebrated across the globe to show recognition to our dads. Throughout our lives, they’ve supported and nurtured us and it’s only fair we give back for all their hard work.

So, in today’s article we will be diving into the world of local craft beers; showcasing the range of styles and flavours for dads to enjoy. Raise a glass and join us on this journey through local craft beers.

The essence of local craft beer

You just can’t beat local craft beer. They’re a treasure trove of creativity, innovation, and community spirit. They embody the art of brewing, showcasing unique flavours and craftsmanship that set them apart from mass-produced beers. Local breweries dedicate all their knowledge and resources to producing high-quality craft beer, which is so refreshing in today’s society. Some big corporations lack this desire and passion, which is what sets local craft beer apart from the rest. With craft beer, you’re guaranteed to taste premium quality.

It pushes the boundaries of traditional beer styles by experimenting with new and exciting flavours which are guaranteed to make your mouth water. The creators are beer enthusiasts, which means they are constantly seeking new ways of creating unique and innovative beverages that will surprise and delight their target audience - you. 

Local craft breweries have become a hub for communities; engaging with new and old customers, collaborating with local businesses and sponsoring community events. This is a welcoming addition local craft breweries offer, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re becoming so popular. If your dad loves craft beer and you’re looking to take him somewhere this Father’s Day, then look no further than us at The Epicurean. We have 4 stores around Greater Manchester and the city centre: Ancoats, Chorlton, Didsbury and Heaton Moor - all of which offer the best craft beer from across the globe. 

Hop-forward delights

For dads who enjoy bold and hoppy beers, then don’t worry - local craft breweries have plenty to offer. From West Coast IPAs with their piney and citrusy aromas, to New England-style hazy IPAs with their juicy and tropical flavours, there's an IPA to suit every hop lover's palate. One of the many reasons why IPAs are so popular is that new flavours are continuously being made. Craft brewers release limited-edition or seasonal hoppy beers frequently which grabs new and experienced beer drinkers to the bar. It certainly brings us to the table!

One of the beauties of local craft breweries is nine times out of ten they create some of the best hoppy beer on offer. They have the time to experiment and get creative with different hop varieties and brewing techniques. Craft brewers source their unique hops from local farmers, which adds to the value of the beer as it represents the flavour and characteristics of the local hop varieties.

At The Epicurean, we’re proud to boast the collection of IPA we offer to our customers. This Father’s Day we highly recommend you treat your dad to either the Tracking Brewing Co, Half Dome IPA or the Brew York x Blech Brut IPA. Both IPAs are highly thought of by our staff and customers - so what are you waiting for? Order today before they sell out!


Rich and robust stouts

Another great craft beer for your dad to enjoy this Father’s Day is a good ol’ classic Stout. If your dad enjoys an indulgent beer, then you can’t look further than local craft stouts. Granted, you may feel brands such as Guinness to be more appealing, however, there is so much more than meets the eyes with local stouts. Their stouts boast flavours of chocolate, coffee, roasted malts, and sometimes even hints of vanilla or bourbon. From smooth milk stouts to robust imperial stouts, the local craft beer scene offers an array of options to satisfy your dad's taste buds.

Luckily for your dad, they’re a great beverage to enjoy with a dessert; typically, they’re enjoyed with a chocolate dessert and rich cheeses. So why not go the extra mile and treat him to some dessert too whilst you’re at it?


Crisp and refreshing lagers

The final local craft beer your dad is bound to enjoy and is the perfect gift this Father’s Day is a classic lager. Every dad knows the feeling of sipping an ice cold refreshing beer at the end of a long day. So why not do him a favour and treat him to his favourite lager? They’re lighter compared to other craft beers on our list, which will make it more enjoyable for him to drink. At The Epicurean, our current favourite lagers are light and easy-going, which will make your dad’s drink much more memorable. We recommend either the Arbors, Hell lager, Brass Castle, Pilsner or the Good Times, American lager

Local craft lagers are perfect for dads to enjoy on a sunny Father’s Day afternoon. If you’re not sure what lager to treat your dad to this Father’s Day, then don’t worry - we have you covered. Here at The Epicurean, we offer beer club subscriptions which give you either 8 or 12 beers per month for either 3,6, or 12 months. You can choose to have a box of IPA, lager, or if you would like something different then you can have a mixed selection which contains the best of each collection. This is the perfect gift for your Dad to enjoy, and even better, he gets more new beer each month!


We hope you enjoyed reading our latest article discussing the best local craft beers for your dad to enjoy this Father’s Day. If you would like to treat your dad to some beer but aren’t sure which to choose from - get in touch with us today and we will recommend the best.

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