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Hoppy Easter!
by Charlotte Knowlson

Last year, Port St. Beer House revolutionised Easter with #eggmanpour, the groundbreaking idea of drinking Saltaire’s Triple Choc stout out of an Easter egg. If you haven’t seen the video, take a look here At The Epicurean, we embrace any opportunity to over-indulge, and what’s more indulgent than a rich dessert beer served alongside (or, indeed, in) a great big chunk of chocolate? So, without further ado, here is our line-up of chocolate and dessert beers to sup from your Easter eggs…

Tiny Rebel - Salted Caramel Stay Puft Imperial Marshmallow Porter, 9%: Super-sweet marshmallow and caramel cinder-toffee flavours make this a luxurious dessert porter.

Gipsy Hill x To Øl - Goober, 5.5%: Earthy peanut and milk chocolatey flavours all derived from malts - no added chocolate or nuts!

Kasteel - Barista Chocolate Quad, 11%: A big, boozy Belgian brew packed with coffee and chocolate, sweet but with a bitter dark chocolate edge and a kick of booze.


Omnipollo - Noa, 11%: Pecan Mud Cake stout… smooth, sweet hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla and a touch of coffee. Perfection.

Lervig x Way - 3 Bean Stout, 13%: This one is infused with the holy trinity of beans: cacao, vanilla and tonka. Creamy vanilla and roasty chocolate with a touch of cinnamon from the tonka.

  • Wiper and True - Milkshake, 4.8%: if you want a smooth, rich and creamy milk stout without the silly ABV, this one’s for you. Chocolate, creamy lactose and vanilla.
  • Beartown - Imperial Creme Bearlee, 11%: Not a chocolate beer, but brilliant to chug out of an Easter egg nonetheless. Flavours of toffee, caramel and molasses to mimic a creme brulee.
  • Saltaire - Triple Choc: Mat at Port Street did it first, but it’s a classic. It’s chocolatey, but not too sweet, rounding off with a nice bitter finish to cut through your sugary Easter egg / pint pot.
  • Buxton x J. Wakefield - Coral Castle, 8.5%: Who loves a Bounty? This coconut-infused stout combines flavours of rich, roasty dark chocolate and coconut sweetness.
    Stone - Xocoveza, 8.1%: Stone have packed this mocha milk stout with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to create a mexican hot chocolate style beer. Bittersweet and spicy.

    If you’re off the booze at the moment - don’t worry! Big Drop’s Stout is a fantastic low-alcohol (0.5%) milk stout. It’s creamy and sweet, and means you can join in the Easter egg silliness without the hangover.

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