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There's a Beer for Everyone

Charlotte Knowlson

At The Epicurean, we wholeheartedly believe that there is a beer out there for everyone, from novices to seasoned ale-drinkers. So strong is our belief, that we have literally written it on the wall - just walk into our West Didsbury shop and our mantra will be staring you in the face:

Photograph showing a hand-written chalk sign that reads 'Remember, there's a beer for everyone'.

Many people don’t even know they’re beer lovers yet. We regularly get customers, usually buying a gift for a loved one, who proclaim that they “don’t like beer”. When we dig a little deeper, it often becomes clear that “beer” means some dimly-remembered murky brown stuff their dad used to drink in the pub 30 years ago, or it means fizzy, bland macro-produced lager. But, of course, beer is much more than that. The world of beer is an ever-evolving beast, and the term “beer” can scarcely contain the diversity of beverages to which it refers. With over 500 beers in stock, we feel confident that we can challenge even the most hop-averse to find a beer they love. So here’s a few pointers for those who do not (yet) worship at the altar of ale, to help you find a style of beer which appeals to you. For those who enjoy the tart, gooseberry notes in certain white wines, consider trying a geuze - a sour style of beer which often carries dry, tart green fruit notes. For dry champagne-like flavour, go for a brut IPA. A milk stout can appeal to those with a sweet tooth - think dark, sweet and creamy. More on the savoury side? Perhaps a gose, traditionally brewed with salt and coriander, or a peppery saison. Barrel-aged beers are enriched by the complex flavours of casks imbued with brandy, sherry and red wine. Do your tastebuds crave something more tropical? A New England style IPA is just the ticket - juicy flavours of citrus and tropical fruits and low bitterness.

Whatever your usual tipple, we promise there is a beer out there for you - and we’re here to help you find it.


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