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The oldest beer festival in Germany and the first one in the diary every year. Starkbierfest is indeed upon us once more. Stock up and prepare to nourish yourself during Lent via delicious doppelbocks.

Monastic in origin, but thoroughly decadent in style. Starkbiers are brewed to be over 18º Plato* in starting gravity, giving them a good thick mouthfeel.

(*A beer that is 12°on the Plato scale has the same density as a water-sucrose solution containing 12% sucrose by weight, meaning that the solution is 12% sucrose & 88% water. Therefore 0°Plato = Pure Water. 100°Plato = Pure Sucrose. Therefore a beer at 18°Plato is denser beer and will have a heavier fuller mouthfeel)
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